Breed Selection
Leslie will look at the dynamics of the family unit, along with individual preferences, to recommend suitable breeds for you to choose from. She will evaluate your chosen breed(s) and even offer some alternative suggestions to compliment your family. She will help you decide upon a pure breed or a mixed breed dog, or an adult versus a puppy.

Finding A Breeder
Knowing how to differentiate between a 'back yard breeder' and a responsible breeder is important when considering where to find your new addition. If you are looking for a purebred dog, health and temperament are critical. Responsible breeders do not make any money breeding dogs. Their expenses by far surpass their income. Much like a car, you get what you pay for. A cheap purebred is likely to cost you far more money in the long run.

Temperament Testing
Learn what to look for when evaluating a litter of puppies. Leslie will teach you how to evaluate individual puppies, or she will test the litter herself.

Puppy Training
Leslie offers one on one private consultations in your home.  Her visits are arranged around your schedule, and are tailored to suit your needs. Leslie will teach you how to manage your puppy. She covers a multitude of exercises and techniques that will help your puppy mature into a well trained and well socialized dog.

Behaviour Modification
Need to alter an established behaviour that you don't like? Not a problem. Leslie is very experienced in decreasing the occurrence of inappropriate behaviour, and replacing it with suitable ones.  Pulling on leash, coming when called, preventing or dealing with separation anxiety, bite inhibition, desensitizing to handling and grooming, and house training are some of the popular problems she is requested to modify.

Puppy Management Class
This 2 - 3 hour information session is for owners with new puppies. There are 3 - 4 puppies and their owners per class. Leslie covers how to deal with typical canine ‘behavioural challenges’, before they develop into full blown behaviour problems.

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