Some of Leslie's Favourite Websites: - Dr Yin is a Veterinary Behaviorist in San Francisco. - Dr. Suzanne Hetts and her husband, Dr. Dan Estep, are Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists - Colleen Pelar's website about raising kids and dogs together - Karen Pryor is a leading spokesperson and teacher for effective force-free training around the world. - Society of Veterinary BehaviorTechnicians - American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior


Other helpful links: 
Desensitizing your dog to a Gentle Leader head collar: 
Teaching Impulse Control:
AVSAB Position Statement on Dominance-based Training:
AVSAB Position Statemnt on Punishment-based Training:
Dr Ian Dunbar - Before You Get Your Puppy:

Dr Ian Dunbar - After You Get Your Puppy:


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