Leslie is a Registered Veterinary Technician, graduating from Seneca College in 1991. Prior to her career choice in the animal field, she completed a BSc at the University of Toronto in natural science. She completed both degrees with honours.

She started her professional career at Guelph Animal Hospital in 1991, where she still remains on staff. She developed and continues to present educational puppy management seminars and also offers behaviour consults for clients and their canine companions. She also developed a canine breed selection program, where she matches families with appropriate breeds to complement their own personalities and lifestyles.

Leslie is passionate about canine behaviour. She keeps abreast of current research and development in the field, by attending behaviour seminars and conferences every year. As the techniques and recommendations in behaviour training develop and evolve, Leslie also follows this path. She has progressed from using the old-school training methods (force, correction and intimidation) to the positive, science-based training techniques revolving around behaviour shaping. She sees these techniques strengthening the human-animal bond, rather than causing it to deteriorate, and instill fear in dogs.

Over the years, Leslie has developed foundation puppy classes for Campaign Dog Academy in Georgetown, where she started assisting classes in 1988. She quickly became a head instructor, teaching classes for the new family puppy, as well as more advanced classes for the competitive dog enthusiast. She has also instructed hundreds of puppies in these positive-based training methods at classes offered through Guelph Animal Hospital over the years. She has recently designed foundation 'Performance Puppy' classes for the competitive dog enthusiast, offered at Campaign Dog Academy.

Leslie competes in a variety of dog sports with her own dogs. Her Miniature Schnauzers continue to be successful in conformation, obedience and agility. She recently earned a High in Trial, with a score of 196 out of a possible 200, on a young dog, Reins, just starting her obedience career. Past dogs in Leslie's life have also earned many High in Trial's over the years. Several of her Schnauzers have ranked nationally in obedience in Canada since 1990. Her senior dog Roxi has been ranked provincially and nationally in the top 10 for her class in agility. Roxi also placed first in the AAC Ontario Regionals in 2010 and 2011 (at 11 years young!). She continues to enjoy competing in agility, obedience and rally.

Leslie became a licensed obedience and rally judge in 2007. Not only does she judge in Canada, but also in the US and Bermuda as well, countries where many of her dogs have amassed numerous titles over the years.

As a dog breeder, Leslie knows the importance of client education and training puppies. She has extensive knowledge on how to prevent behavioural problems from developing in puppies. She believes that if a puppy starts off on the right foot, the chances of behavioural problems like fear, separation anxiety and inappropriate manners developing, are slim to none. Puppies as young as 5 weeks of age can successfully learn how to get attention by sitting politely, rather than jumping all over people! What a puppy learns first, it learns the best! If it gets rewarded, it will happen again and again.

For those puppies and adolescent dogs that may have some quirk in their behaviour that an owner doesn’t appreciate, Leslie has numerous helpful tricks up her sleeve! She understands how to read body language, and communicate effectively with dogs, guiding them in the right direction with more appropriate behaviours. 

There is hope for dogs with separation anxiety, dogs that jump on people, won’t come when they are called, dogs that take their owners for a walk, barking dogs and many other behaviours that owners find irritating!

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